Modern Line

Modern White Porcelain Tableware Products

Modern Line are white porcelain products that has charms that deepen over time, and they have the motif of the Baekja-daeho (super size white porcelain jar), alias ‘moon jar,’ fired in the royal kiln in the 18th Century, with the height of 45cm.
These products are made of high-grade white porcelain clay ‘wolbaek (moonlight blue) clay’ which comes from KwangJuYo’s self-developed technology.
This makes the product strong but lightweight, and the glaze that is used is a non-toxic natural glaze made of 100% natural minerals without any chemical pigments added.

  • Modern Line moonshape series (2010)

Round shaped products using the motif of the full moon, Modern Line products are based on delicate white lighted color, varied into four different colors that represent nature, such as White, Black, Light Blue and Green.
This product line is loved by the Michelin chefs and is recognized in the world due to its lightness and firmness made from white clay.

  • Modern Line Han-Kyeol Series (2015)

Han-kyeol is a product line with a unique pattern from the ‘hemp cloth’, the traditional fabric of Korea.
Hemp is the culmination of pure·delicate · elegant beauty of clothing which was the preferred fabric of our nation.
As hemp cloth is made by natural materials, the natural plaid coated on the smooth surface of the porcelain creates a warm sensibility. By expressing the texture of the hemp cloth realistically on the surface of the vessel, is pleasant to the touch.
The depth of glaze through the intaglio and relief added on the hemp cloth plaid pattern enhances the subtle hue on the surface.
In addition, the signs of the natural taste coming from the ‘atypical’ form deliver the artistic soul within the harmony of the food, and becomes more valuable.

  • Modern Line migak series (2017)

The shapes of each 24 angles represent the 24-hour flow of the day.
The gradation of the exquisite boundaries of light and shadow which fall on the 24 angles expresses the flow of time; the sun rises and falls, the moon rises and falls, then dusk to dawn again and again.

The 24 angular tea ware series is developed within this repeated day concept so one can enjoy the relaxation of the flow of time with a cup of tea. In addition, it is a modern reinterpretation of the beauty of form of the angular Chosun white porcelain.