KwangJuYo Group has developed Korean culture into a fine product, harmonizing multiple contents such as liquor, food, ceramics and interior accessories.

In 2007, Cho Tae-kwon, the CEO of KwangJuYo, thought that the dining-out industry will flourish to become a global trend in the future.

So he invited best wine makers, winery owners, and opinion leaders to Napa Valley in the United States and provided them a cordial reception of food and drink using Korean ceramic ware. The guests were very satisfied and admired the excellence of Korean food served on our ceramic ware.

Also, in 2008, with some support from the Korean government, KwangJuYO arranged a Korean dish banquet in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to prove to the world that Korean food and culture is outstanding and unique.

KwangJuYo Group is very determined to globalize Korean culture. Not only do we create a new Korean cuisine for non-Koreans to enjoy, we try to approach Korean ceramics, food, liquor, and spaces in a very cultural way.