Culture is the fruit that ripens from history and tradition

In my opinion, dining-out industry has enormous marketing potential of flourishing in the future.
However, unfortunately, the dining culture of Korea is not globalized enough.

Globalization of our dining culture means globalization through the dishes we put our food on, and the drinks that suit the dishes in a sensuous and nature styled space.
This has huge potentials.

It promotes our precious cultural values which will raise Korea’s status in the world.
It can have infinite growth potential in dining-out industry which will soon become a very important culture business.

Also, as this is an unlimited resource that does not deplete, I strongly believe it will become the next generation’s growth engine that will increase our economy.

The KwangJuYo Group has evolved in pursuit of the globalization of Korea’s outstanding and valuable food culture through the modernization of our tradition.

CEO of KwangJuYo Group
Cho Tae-kwon